The Stallion lines
A few year ago, people talked about three different Stallionlines – Age 168, Ritske 202 and Tetman 205.

10 Years have passed and out of three lines became four.

The smallest of those Stallionlines (Age 168) of the active approved Stallions, became even smaller. Where as the biggest, the Tetman line (Tetman 205) became even bigger, that the K.F.P.S. split it in a Jarrich 226 and Mark 232 P line.

The Age linie

The Age line is the oldest of those 3 Lines.
It is also the smallest of those three. At this time there are barely any approved stallions out of this Line. Over time, this Line might die out. This would be very unfortunate, in view of the further breeding, since as mentioned in the ” Tetman-line”, some stallions from this line are Tetman-free.

The most significant sires of the 1942-born Age are the descendants of Gerke 220​​, his son Bjinse 241, and Bjinse’s 241 son Lammert 260 P.
As of now (2013) there are 5 approved Stallions out of the Age Line, the oldest being Melle 311, a Lammert 260 P grandson
Furthermore, there are Melle’s son Fabe 348 and his sons Sape 381, Jorn 430, and as the youngest, Alke 468, which provide for the continued existence of the Age Line.

The Ritske linie

Ritske 202P was one of the most important Stambookstallions. He was born in 1955 and had to be put to sleep after a illness in 1976.
Other than Hotse 223, his other 9 sons couldn’t really prevail.
Only Durk 215 and Fokke 217 had licensed decendants, that could keep their importance over the motherlines into the present time.

Romke 234, which was sold in the 70’s to the Czech Repuplic, to contribute to the breed of the Kladruber, comes from the Ritske 202 P line. Unfortunately, his only son Yk 339 was disapproved in 2000.
The Ritske line, als well as the Age line, only has one branch left. The branch of the Hotse 223 son, Tsjalling 235 P
Tsjalling 235 P brought it to seven licensed offspring, he died in 1995 at the age of 28.
Through his son Jelmer 297,Tsjalling 235P still has 3 active sons  in the breedingprgram, Fede 351, Wytse 462, and Haike 482. Wytses grandfather Erik 351 died in 2013, like his son Arjen 417, who was Wytses and Haikes father. Within a year almost 50% of the active stallions in this line had died.
All other active Stallions of the Ritske Line have the Tsjalling grandson Naen 264 P on the father’s side in their papers.
The best known one would be Wander’s 352 son, Doaitsen 420, who contributed 4 approved Stallions so far.
Other well known stallions of this line, for example Jakob 202, who has 2 known sons (Olrik 383 and Take 455), and the disapproved Ludse’s son Adel 357. Adel 357 has 2 approved sons to show for, Anders 451 and Hedser 465.

The Tetman linie

Tetmann was born in 1956 and was approved in 1959.He is a son of Ewold 181 and a mare out of Age 168. At the time of his approval, no breeder ever thought of him as a liniagestudbook stallion. His son Mark 232 P and his grandson Wessel 237P are both Preferent and come out of a Ritske Mare. So the Tetman-Line also carries Age and Ritske blood. In those two bloodlines there are Tetman-free stallions like Teake 273 and Lammert 260 P. This is why stallions, as well as mares, out of these stallions are very much in demand, because they bring fresh blood into the line which is very important for breeding. The Tetman -line is the biggest stallion line. If  there aren’t any  more approved sons of Franke 251 , the last one of the Jarrich 226 decendants (the last died in 2000), you won’t be able to talk about the Tetman-line, instead it will be the Mark and Wessel line. These two are the greatest sires of this line.
As you can see from the above text of my first homepage, my prediction has come true, but with the slight difference that the KFPS has not opted for Wessel P 237 as a name, but for his father Jarich 226.
Some breeders still call this line the ‘Wessel-line’.

The Jarich linie

The Jarich branch of Tetman continues through Djurre 284, who has 3 approved sons Karel 370, Ielke 382 , and his son Thorben 466.
The other branch over Oege 267P is somewhat bigger. Known representatives of this ancestry are Reitse 322, Anton 343, and Felle 422.

The Mark linie

The line of Mark P 232 currently provides more than 50% of the active stallions!
These stallions are distributed among the following three sons of Mark 232 P: Ygram 240, Hearke 254 P, and 259 Jochem P.
The smallest one of these lines is the one of Ygram 240, with only 4 stallions currently in use. The three sons of Sierk 326, Sibald 380, Jense 432 as well as Ulbert 390 and his son Maurits 437.
Hearke 254 P contributes one of the most popular stallions of modern times, Jasper 366 P.
You can hardly get past this stallion,who has 5 approved sons and 7 approved grandsons. Beart 411 alone contributes 6 of them. That is quite an acomplishment.
Other well known stallions of this part of the branch are Brandus 345 P and Teunis 332 P.

Jochem 259P represents the most active stallions of the Mark 232 P line. Through his son Tamme 276 over Leffert 306 P ( e.g. Heinse 356, Onne376, Maurus 441) as well as Feitse 293 P over Folkert 353 and Tserk 328P  he asserts his influence. The latter has 6 sons, including Andries 415 and 444 Norbert.
Through Ulke 338 and his son Olgert 445 the Tsjimme 275 line continues.
If you look at the pedigree of the Mark 232 P line, you could be tempted to split it into a “Hearke and Jochem Line”. That’s how big their influence is in todays offspring of friesians.
I have seen some of the subdivision of the stallion lines online. I will stick to the official K.F.P.S. site, so it doesn’t get to confuseing.
It should be noted that the Age and Ritske lines are currently a little “small” in the Keuring, against the almost overwhelming Tetman line. This is of course, due to the huge population of this line. Approximately 4/5 of the approved stallions come from these two Tetman lines.