Brief Breed Description



Most Friesian stallions are between 16hh and 16.3hh tall. Mares are usually about 2 inches shorter, but there are now also stallions that are significantly higher than 16.3 hh.


Friesians are exclusively black. Only a small, white flake or star on the forehead is allowed (no larger than a 25 cent coin) , also a few white hairs on the lips.


The province of Friesland in the Netherlands.


Nowadays the Friesian is used as a driving and dressage horse, and  recreational riders appreciate the Frisians  just as much. The greatest level of awareness among the population comes from show riding, eg in the circus.


The Friesian has a small, noble head on a high set neck and a broad chest. He has a medium length back, and a round, usually split rump and thick dry joints. The most striking feature is the long curly mane, sometimes reaching to the knee, a long forelock which can range up to the nostrils, and long feathers on the legs and a thick, long tail.

Movement/ Transition:

Pronounced tendency to clean transitions, trot with high “knee action”. The canter is big, uphill and majestic , like a *rocking horse*.



The Friesian is spirited, but honest, and very good-natured (even the stallions). He is very people oriented, incredibly curious, willing to learn, and ambitious.